ADR Recording and Looping Facility - Sound Stage & Studio

 Michigan Recording Studio 25 Miles North of Detroit (Warning: this is a super dry website barely updated in the past 15 years)


Music and Voice recording studio in Pontiac Michigan

* 25 miles north of  Detroit

Music Stage in a multi-faceted room 60,000 ft3 

Magnetic Recording makes it possible to track Rock sessions Without Headphones. Vocals and Drums get special attention in order to balance with the likes of Double Stack rigs and 400 watt / 18" bass rigs.  Anywhere on the stage. Our system is amazingly simple, effective and powerful, and is not harmful to microphones.

Having good solid headphone cue systems is also important, and yes, we have them.

RECORDERS Ampex MM1200-16 2inch tape * Otari  RADAR I *16bit * IZ RADAR *24 bit

COMING SOON Patch-able Burl B2 Analog to Digital converters

 Floor plans can vary widely from job to job as do styles, the number of players, and any number of other factors. It is an Ongoing exercise Here,  to improve flexibility in order to accommodate.




Amek mozart analog recording near detroit.

We think you'll love the sound.


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Auto DIM

Producers talkback will dim our cue systems allowing for clear communication. Just speak into your laptop.











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eCHo 3 is ONLINE

aNd ITs kICK @ss

"Magnetic Recording met all of our needs for ADR.  They were flexible with the actor's schedule and delivered all elements immediately following the session.  When we need to schedule ADR in Michigan again Magnetic Recording will be our first call"

Bullet Films


Magnetic Recording * 17 West Lawrence Street * Pontiac, MI 48342 * (248) 332-8119